Rulloff's Restaurant
3.05 Stars
Food Type: American
Hours: 10 AM - 1 AM
Price Range: 6-18 USD
No Delivery
Number of Vegetarian options: 5-10
Phone: (607) 272-6067
Address: 411 College Ave
City/State: Ithaca, NY
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Web site: http://www.rulloffs.com
Directions: Just off the corner of College and Dryden rd - towards Cornell, about a half a block down, on the right-hand side. There are no signs outside (at least at night), but look for an open, carved wooden door. If you get to Collegetown Bagels (coming from Dryden), you've gone too far.
Visit Date: January 28, 2005 at about 9 PM
Time between ordering and food: 10 minutes
Service Rating: 3 Stars
Service Notes: Average service during dinner, but bartenders were great once the scene turned more bar-ish. Before 10, things are fairly restaurant-ish, but after 10, the place floods with undergrads, both the hot, and the not. If you're looking to be a sardine in a semi-attractive soup, downstairs at Rulloff's is the place
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